Spike Jones:

(December 14, 1911 Ė May 1, 1965

Zany Music Comedian

†††††††††††††††† Spike Jones was famous for adding gunshots, bells, whistles and other effects into songs, making them sound crazy. He would also parody songs, although usually this would consist of singing a song in a different mood, e.g. a happy love song might be sung in a sobbing tone. This became known as ĎSpikingí a tune.

†††††††††††††††† A great deal of contemporary parodists, such as Weird Al Yankovic, look back to Spike for inspiration.

These sound files are from a three-disc LP set called Spike Jones. These are actually highlights from his 1940s radio show. These files are not the highest quality, sorry.

Click to play, or right click and select ďSave Target AsĒ to download.

Note: I put these files up as a means of exposing more people to this delightful music form; if there is a copyright issue, email me and I will remove them ASAP.

Record 1, Side 1:

1. Der Fuhrerís Face† -† Made in early 1942, this song lampoons Hitler and his Nazi cronies.

2. Pass the Biscuits, Mirandy† -† Funny hillbilly ballad.

3. Chloe† -† The old sentimental song, murdered as only Spike could!

4. Hotcha Cornia (Black Eyes)†† -† Wacky instrumental.

5. Hawaiian War Chant† -† Zany rendition of this tune, complete with puns!

6. William Tell Overture† -† Horse Race Style!


Record 1, Side 2:

1. Iím Getting Sentimental Over You† -† The Tommy Dorsey hit, Spiked!

2. Holiday for Strings† -† The classic David Rose piece, murdered by Spike!

3. Cocktails for Two† -† Why NOT to get drunk!

4. (All I Want for Christmas is) My Two Front Teeth† -† The Original!

5. Dance of the Hours† -† Indy 500 style!

6. Ghost Riders in the Sky† -† As sung by two old wannabes.


Record 2, Side 1:

1. Tiger Rag† -† Hilarious!

2. A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthurís Court† -† Parody of an Arthurian story; fits a gallon of puns into a five-minute space!

3. Nature Boy† -† The Nat King Cole hit, sung by the bumbling Doodles Weaver!

4. Liebestraum† -† The Franz Liszt piece, played as the composer did NOT intend!

5. Want Ads† -† Hilarious lampoon of the classified ad section of the paper!


Record 2,† Side 2:

1. In a Persian Market† -† Filled with puns, although they are funny in the context of the Big Band Era.

2. Pootwaddle Cigarette Commercial† -† Shows the dangers of smoking in a hilarious way!

3. You Canít Be True Dear† -† The old hit, travelogue style!

4. Barney Google† -† The old Dixieland hit; these are the real words!

5. Portia and the Hollywood Wolf† -† Comical fairy tale-like story.


Record 3, Side 1:

1. Farandole† -† The Bizet classical piece played as only Spike can!

2. Yes Sir, Thatís My Baby† -† An old Dixieland song, sung and played as if by an old entertainer.

3. Minka† -† The only straight (non-Spiked) performance in the set!

4. San Antonio Rose† -† The old western song,† Spiked!

5. You Always Hurt the One You Love† -† Sung and played in Spikeís inimitable manner!

6. Tchaikovsky Medley† -† Tchaikovskyís most famous compositions, delightfully murdered by Spike!

7. Love in Bloom† -† Sung in the style of two VERY bad wannabes. Hilarious!


Record 3, Side 2:

1. Minnie the Moocher† -† The old Cab Calloway big band hit, lampooned as only Spike could get away with.

2. Old Time Medley† -† 1890ís songs, played in the Spike Jones style!

3. Flight of the Bumblebee† -† The pianist playing this favorite has allergies.

4. Chantez, Chantez† -† Spike Jones goes French!

5. Smiles Medley† -† Medley of happy old songs.

6. Dark Moon† -† The beautiful Patty Page song, done in the style of Homer and Jethro.

7. The Big Bands† -† Medley of famous bandsí signature tunes, parodying their unique styles. See if you can identify them!

8. Another Old Time Medley† -† The title says it all!




Doodles Weaver

One of the funniest members of the group was Doodles Weaver (Obviously a stage name).

He was famous for singing a song as if he was dyslexic, changing the words around.

These are some examples taken from some of Spikeís old radio shows, which are available in the Internet Archive.


1. A Tree in the Meadow

2. April Showers

3. Chicago

4. Chloe (different version than the one above)

5. Cominí Through the Rye

6. Cuanto Legusta

7. Give a Man a Horse He Can Ride

8. Hair of Gold, Eyes of Blue

9. Home on the Range

10. How Soon

11. Iím Looking Over a Four-Leaf Clover

12. In the Merry Month of May

13. Lazy Bones

14. Loch Lomond

15. My Blue Heaven

16. My Old Kentucky Home

17. Nature Boy

18. Near You

19. Oh, Susanna

20. Peg Oí My Heart

21. Sioux City Sue

22. Sonny Boy

23. When You and I Were Young, Maggie

24. When Itís Springtime in the Rockies

25. When the Red, Red Robin Comes Bob, Bob, Bobbing Along

26. The Whiffenpoof Song



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